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Fortuna Police Department

Posted on: December 12, 2019

That unsolicited phone call you just received is probably a scam…

You can safely assume that most unsolicited phone calls that you receive are a scam.

Whether the phone caller identifies themselves as a representative of the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, Medicare, Travel Rewards Program, Vehicle Insurance Program, or PG&E,  it is most likely a well-rehearsed scam.  

Many of these calls begin with someone identifying themselves by first name and saying something similar to, “I represent your health insurance provider, and I am calling you on a recorded line… Can you hear me?”  Or, they may ask, “Are you there?”  These questions are in an effort to elicit a response of “Yes”.

We suggest that you not answer YES when asked questions by the caller.  Some of these scams use their recorded lines to obligate you to make some type of commitment; financial or otherwise by answering yes to their questions.

Sometimes, they may even refer to you by your actual first and last name.  Keep in mind that your personal information, such as your phone number, address spouse and children’s names, and address is sold by many companies that you do business with, including the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This information is readily available to scammers.

If you receive an unsolicited phone call, don’t rely on your caller ID to tell you whether the call is legitimate or not.  A legitimate number is easily spoofed (faked) by a scammer.  Your own name and phone number may even appear on your caller ID.

As a precaution, please remember the following information: 

Unless you personally called your bank, the IRS, Social Security Office, or even police department, don’t believe that it is them calling you.

Never provide any personal information, including confirming your actual name or address to an unsolicited caller.

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