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What should I do if my Power is out?
The Fortuna Police Department is not contacted and does not receive any update information from PG&E during an outage.

If your power is out, Please don’t contact the Fortuna Police Department unless you have an emergency. In case of emergency call 911 or (707) 725-7550.

During times of outages, the Fortuna Police Department is often handling Emergency matters as a result of the outage and is not able to assist you with outage questions.

To report a power outage or check on the status of an outage, please call Pacific Gas & Electric Company at (800) 743-5000. When reporitng an outage, you will need to call from your home phone if possible as PG&E's automated system will obtain your location information based on the the phone number you call from.

By contacting the Fortuna Police Department, we are unable to properly identify the involved locations as a result of PG&E's automated sustem.

Different circumstances can result in varying outage times. Outages often occur during extreme weather conditions or as a result of major equipment failure.

We ask that you turn light switches to the off position and unplug equipment and appliances. This will help prevent a sudden high demand for power when the service is restored. However, you may want to leave one or two lights on so you will know when your service is back on.

What about my frozen and refrigerated foods?

A freezer and refrigerator will maintain foods for 12 to 48 hours or longer, depending on the room temperature and frequency of opening. Avoid opening your freezer or refrigerator during a power outage unless it's absolutely necessary.

What about cooking?

A camp stove, fireplace, gas stove, or a can of stero can be used for cooking during power outages. But BE CAREFUL! Be sure to provide adequate ventilation if you cook or heat with alternate fuel. Use camp stoves and charcoal grills OUTSIDE ONLY.

For more information, please visit the PG&E Website by clicking


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