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Measure E

Measure E - City of Fortuna's Transactions & Use Tax


Measure E is a 3/4% sales tax measure that was approved by the voters of the City of Fortuna on November 8, 2016. Measure E is set to terminate on March 31st, 2025. Measure E is a general tax. The City is committed to primarily using these general tax dollars to protect and maintain essential City services, including increasing and restoring police officers and programs, repairing aging/deteriorating streets and potholes, parks maintenance, and programs for youth and seniors. 

In order to ensure the proper use of these funds the Measure E committee was set up by the Council. The major responsibilities of the committee include assisting the City Council in taking public input, reviewing staff recommendations on the expenditure of funds derived from Measure E and providing a yearly report to Council on the use of Measure E funds. See below for archived annual reports from the committee to the Council. 

As stated above one of the primary functions of the committee is to hold a public input meeting. This meeting is held on the first meeting of every calendar year. A forum for public expression of desires regarding expenditure of funds derived from Measure will be held each year at this meeting. For more information on this meeting and other Measure E detail please see the below brochure. 

Measure E brochure

The brochure also includes a section for ideas to be presented to the committee if you are unable to attend the public input meeting. Please drop off filled out brochures to City Hall.

City of Fortuna City Hall
621 11th Street
Fortuna, CA 95540

Archived Measure E Committee Yearly Reports to Council:

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