28 Days of Kindness

February Hearts

It is February, so it is time for some shopping fun that you will love!

Every day during February, the BID will be showcasing our Fortuna businesses. Each day will be a product or a service that at least one Fortuna business has available for purchase or to book a future service to show love to family and friends, or even a stranger.

Check out Instagram for the reels at the various merchant locations to see where to go for your daily dose of shopping and to show love to our city. 

  • February 1st the BID will be at Lotus Moutain Screen Printing at 357 Main Street Suite I. Get a product customized for your loved one, such as a hat, clothing, sign and much more. Give them a call at 707-682-6182 for more details.
  • February 2nd the BID is visiting Express Liquors and Cigar at 421 N. Fortuna Blvd. You can find local red wines or pink ciders to show some love to those that love spirits. Stop in the shop and see what treasures you can find for yourself as well!
  • February 3rd the BID visited Fresh on Main while they hosted a fundraiser. There was a fire in Fortuna on Main Street, which affected two businesses. Fresh on Main donated all proceeds from Friday, February 3rd, to support those businesses. For February you can purchase sweet treats, such as chocolate dipped strawberries, pink or red cupcakes, and treat boxes. Get down there and get your goodies for your loved ones.
  • February 4th the BID checked out Redwood Riverwalk Hotel. There is so much to offer there when you book a room to include a dog run area, a BBQ, an indoor pool, outdoor tables to spend time with loved ones, and books and games inside during the winter wetness! Get down there and book a room in February. Also, they have open swim M-F from 10am - 3:30pm for just $5 per person!
  • February 5th the BID enjoyed some time at Smokin' Barrels while the 13 TVs were on with different sports playing. There are different specials every day and a full bar in the restaurant, as well as their new 21+ bar right next door. Reserve a table for a couple's date night or for the whole family in February.
  • February 6th will be bringing the BID to Hummel Tire and Wheel on N. Fortuna Blvd. They do brake repair, alignments, shocks and struts, wheel balance, tire rotation, and tire repair. For February get your vehicle checked or put on new tires before going into the snow or on our wet river bars from the rain. Good brakes are needed for the downed trees on our scenic roads. They can also come to you! Check out their website for a list of all auto repair services as well! 
  • February 7th brought the BID to Golden State Succulents on Main Street. What do they have for February? They have so much to offer from their plants, to jewerly, to homemade soaps, all the way to pink, heart-shaped planters! You can find something for anyone at their shop this month. Go check out their new windows as well!
  • February 9th was the perfect day to head to Eel River Brewery by the Fortuna River Lodge and many lodging facilities, because they have their Valentine's Day specials listed, pink slushies, and pink Watermelon Clarity on their monthly special list. Make reservations for Valentine's Day now before they are fully booked. And check out their new construction on the back of the building, very exciting to see what is to come!
  • February 10th gave the BID the deals on technology at US Cellular in Strong's Creek. They have some great deals happening right now and they are getting more inventory on accessories coming in. Get down there and ask them about the one-line only price, which is very different from the other carriers. And if you did not know, this store is not a corporate store!
  • February 13th made the BID very thirsty at Clendenen's Cider Works as we watched a live tutorial on how to prune an apple tree in the winter. That tree is going to be full of yummy apples before we know it. In February you can buy your loved one some apple cider from a local store that is made from Clendenen's delicious, red apples! Their store will be open again in August while they prepare for the Apple Harvest Festival in October.
  • February 15th got the BID prepared for emergencies with their crank-powered radio at C. Crane. If you mention the Instagram reel you are eligible for $10 off your emergency radio purchase. The BID received a tour of the facility and it is a massive operation with the warehouse in the back and all the necessary repair and fulfillment crew in the front. They also work with Amazon to get their radios and equipment to the masses. They are hiring a bookkeeper, so get down there for your emergency radio and put in your application!
  • February 16th the BID got a trim at Cindy's Styling Center. They have a beautiful reception area and seven stylist to choose from. They are open Tuesday through Saturday for walk-ins, but they are very popular so it is best to make an appointment. We know it is getting closer to summer-time tans, so get in there to stay preparing for the sun to come out. They have two beds, so get down to Cindy's for your tan and make an appointment to get a whole new look or just a refresh!
  • February 21st got the BID very hungry at Clean Queen Meal Prep on 10th Street. Every week there is a new menu and they have many options on deals to feed the whole family and for a week if you wanted. There are ready-made items in the fridge upon entry that include protein balls and yogurts and a yummy beverage cooler with fresh made drinks. You can build your smoothie as well! So get down there and order your meals and even have them delivered.
  • February 23rd showed the BID how to save money on gas! Chevron, on Main Street, offers gift cards to save money on gas, as well as using Safeway points to lower the cost. They have a Beer Cave inside with a huge selection of adult beverages. The Aztec Grill has grab-and-go food in the warmer as well as a menu for meals made fresh. Right when you walk in you are hit with freshly made sandwiches, salads, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and so much more. So get yourself some snacks, drinks, gas, and a gift card for a loved one in February at Chevron!
  • February 27th gave the BID a workout at The Local Kick Club just watching everyone burn those calories. The Club only costs $15 for a drop-in and $99 for the month membership. The classes are for all ages and all body types, so get down there and learn how you can burn around 900 calories in just one hour! 
  • February 28th closed out the month for 28 Days of Kindness when the BID went to Cornerstone Realty. Their website and office contain the recipe for how to get into your dream home and sell your home to someone looking for their dream! Pop in or make an appointment with their Realtors to see how you can call Fortuna home, or even home again! They also have an Easter egg hunt coming up on April 1st and lots of events that they attend, so give them a call, text, or stop by their Main Street location. 

**Stay tuned for dates for the Fortuna businesses below and many more to come in March as we continue to showcase our local businesses:

Cornerstone Realty
Fortuna Audio Concepts
JSK 5.0 Humboldt
Humboldt Brow Gal