Support Local Business - Stop, Shop, Stay!

How can we support our local businesses? And why should we?

We can do many things when we shop locally. One, increase the number of citizens that are employed. Statistically the United States is made up of 99% small businesses. If those small businesses do not exist, we would not have a workforce, period. Two, increase the amount of tax money that goes back into our local city. Those tax dollars repair our roads, maintain our parks, provide facilities for activities, and support our local economy in a positive manner. We also receive the benefit of a police force and a general sense of doing what is right when we have some government involvement, such as lower crime rates and therefore more positive experiences as business owners and patrons. Third, when you shop local many times, you are receiving something unique in return, whether it be an item or an experience, because it is not mass-produced. The City of Fortuna Mayor is a local businessperson here in Fortuna and supports our community by listening to what the city needs and how to help our citizens and business owners. Oh, and by the way, our Mayor Tami Trent in Fortuna does not get paid a salary or an hourly wage for her efforts, yet receives a very small stipend, so this is almost completely volunteer. The community will see the mayor at various events, ribbon cuttings for new businesses, working at her shop in Fortuna, and at City Council meetings where the public is heard about how to improve our city. Those just a few ways that shopping locally is a win-win-win for everyone.

So how do know where to go in a small town?

First of all, start with the first exit and just follow the asphalt until you come to an end. Then, turn around and stop this time at the places that look interesting. Not all small-town business owners are online or have all their updated information on the web, so park and walk the streets a bit to fully experience what Fortuna has in store, pun intended. In Fortuna we really have one main road that showcases most of the city's businesses, but do not hesitate to venture off and see other parts of the beautiful city. Campton Heights has a cafe and a market, Rohnerville Road has several services businesses as well as a meat company, and many of the side streets have unique businesses tucked away. So, take Kenmar or take Main Street and follow the path. We also have several hotels that are close to a couple restaurants and a very large and well-maintained local venue, the River Lodge. We have locally owned hotels as well to complete the experience. River Lodge hosts many events and conferences and holds up to 500 people, standing that is. The Fortuna Monday Club holds 100 guests at tables and has plenty of room for dancing as well as a kitchen to prep the food. Both venues offer beautiful outdoor landscapes for backdrops in your photos and just to sit and enjoy.

You never know what is out there until you drive with your shopping eyes open, not your "I've got to get gas" eyes. Stop, shop, stay! Fortuna hosts many businesses that only exist in our little realm of sunshine, and we also have your familiar places just in case you get nostalgic. Stop and chat with the locals and you will quickly discover how easy it is to get lost in our sunny city charm. We look forward to seeing you soon!