Fortuna Business Improvement District functions as a subdepartment of the City Manager to support and promote the City of Fortuna District businesses to effect positive economic change and does so by (Municipal Code Chapter 5.40):

  • Promotion of public events which are to take place on or in public places in the district;
  • Decoration of any public place in the district;
  • Furnishing of music in any public place in the district;
  • The general promotion of business activities in the district;
  • Marketing to fill available space, recruiting and expansion of commercial enterprise
Benefit Assessments fund the FBID budget along with a City of Fortuna assessment fee match. The Municipal Code Chapter 5.40 describes how funds are collected and the way in which the funds are used to fulfill the duties of FBID.  

For Information on benefit assessments please click the link here to access the Parking and Business Improvement Area Law of 1989; Streets and Highway Code Section 36500 et seq., for more information about the creation and purpose of a Business Improvement District. 

Click here if you have decided to bring your business to Fortuna and need to apply for your business license. Applications can be submitted to City Hall at 621 11th Street or mailed (with payment in the form of a check) to PO Box 545, Fortuna, Ca 95540.


The Advisory Committee will be seven members, unless amended. The advisory committee makes recommendations and reports to the City Council on the general expenditure of the benefit assessments and has a two-year term on the committee, according to the Municipal Code Chapter 5.40.

The City Council appoints the advisory committee and prioritizes appointments, so the advisory committee consists of the following appointments:

  • Downtown core area, one representative;
  • Redwood Village Shopping Center core area, one representative;
  • Strong’s Creek Plaza core area, one representative;
  • City Council liaison, one representative;
  • Citywide, one representative;
  • Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, one representative;
  • One person nominated by the six representatives identified above


The FBID Administrator is a City of Fortuna employee. The FBID Administrator is support staff for the FBID Advisory Committee. Under the general direction of the City Manager, the position is responsible for developing and administering the Fortuna Business Improvement District programs and activities, as well as acting as a liaison between the City of Fortuna and its business community; and to do related work as required with an emphasis on fulfilling the purposes of the Business Improvement District.

***Fortuna Businesses: to get on the mailing list for the BID please send an email to mdodson@ci.fortuna.ca.us


There are many events that occur throughout the year in the City of Fortuna.

FBID is responsible for a portion of the Fortuna events, such as Small and Home-based Business Expo, Shop Fortuna for the Holidays, Al Gray Lighted Parade and the Holiday Kid's Free Movie Event, as well as many new activities and events to come.

FBID supports and promotes events held by other organizations and hosts many of those events in the City of Fortuna facilities, such as River Lodge, Monday Club, Rohner Park, and Newburg Park.

Please take a look at our calendar for events to look forward to in 2023! 

January -
Bridal Faire at the Fortuna River Lodge

February - State of the City at Fortuna River Lodge February 16th from 7:30am to 9:00 am

March Small and Home-based Business Marketplace at the Fortuna River Lodge on March 18, 2023 10am-3pm
               Fortuna Garden Club's Daffodil Festival at the Fortuna River Lodge on March 25-26th

June -
City Wide Yard Sale and Lemonade Day in Downtown Fortuna put on by the Downtown Merchants
            Art and Wine in the Park at Rohner Park put on by the Fortuna Rotary Club
            Farmer's Market begins in Downtown Fortuna on 11th Street and Main put on by the North Coast Grower's                                       Association

July - Fireworks Festival on July 3rd at Newburg Park put on by a non-profit organization
          Rodeo on the 3rd full weekend at Rohner Park and activities during the week around Fortuna
          Redwood AutoXpo on the 4th weekend in Downtown Fortuna and events at Rohner Park

August - Hops in Humboldt on the 4th Saturday in August at Rohner Park put on by a non-profit organization 

October - Clendenen's Cider Works' Apple Harvest Festival on the 1st full weekend in October with events and                                                 activities all over Fortuna
                   Truck-or-Treat on October 31st in Downtown Fortuna put on by the Downtown Merchants

November - Shop Fortuna for the Holidays begins in November and is open to the public for a city-wide shopping                                                  contest
                       Holiday Craft Faire at Fortuna River Lodge

December - Al Gray Lighted Parade takes a ride through Fortuna to display holiday lights on motorized vehicles
                       Downtown Fortuna Merchant's Open House for parade goers to have extended shopping hours
                       Holiday Kid's Free Movie held at the Fortuna Movie Theater
                       Holiday Dazzle Contest is a city-wide decorating contest put on by Fortuna Chamber of Commerce
                       Fortuna Garden Club's Christmas Home Tour at various homes and tea and cookies at the Fortuna                                                       Monday Club
                       Christmas Music Festival held at the Fortuna River Lodge and put on by a non-profit organization


Morgan Dodson
FBID Administrator

Preferred method of communication due to periodic field work, events, and office hours at City Hall:


FBID's Office
Monday - Thursday (Excluding Holidays)
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Located at:
621 11th Street
Fortuna, CA 95540

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 545
Fortuna, CA 95540