Elder Abuse Awareness: Resources & Reporting

Providing awareness, education and encouraging people to report elder abuse helps prevent elder abuse.
What qualifies as ELDER ABUSE? The following will provide a general understanding of the elements that must be fulfilled for a violation of Penal Code 368 which covers elder abuse.

• The person is 65 years or older; The person is a Dependent adult between 18-64 years of age. (Dependent-has mental or physical limitations which restrict their abilities to carry out normal activities).
• The person responsible should reasonably have known the person was an elder or dependent adult.
• The person responsible, willfully causes them to suffer or inflicts unjustifiable pain or mental suffering under circumstances likely to result in bodily harm, or causes them to be placed in a situation where their person or health is endangered.
• The person responsible is a caretaker for an elder or dependent adult and commits any theft or forgery related offense against them.
• The person responsible commits the false imprisonment (preventing them from leaving as they wish) of an elder or dependent adult by violence, menace, fraud, or deceit. (This does not include preventing them from leaving if due to their condition they would reasonably place themselves at serious risk of harm. i.e. Dementia and trying to leave without a responsible person with them)

If you suspect elder abuse is occuring within the City of Fortuna contact the Fortuna Police Department 

Fortuna Police Department 
621 11th Street
Fortuna CA, 95540
(707) 725-7550

Reports can also be made to our county's Adult Protective Services office and they offer a variety of local resources and assistance.

Adult Protective Services
808 E Street
Eureka CA, 95501
(707) 476-2100
(866) 527-8614

CLICK HERE  for the Adult Protective Services website.