Every day thousands of men and women protect and serve communities across California, sometimes under very difficult circumstances. The vast majority of peace officers in California are committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of their communities and continually perform at commendable levels of sacrifice and service. Sadly, recent events in California and across the nation have highlighted the ongoing challenges to developing and fostering strong relationships of trust between law enforcement and communities.

The Fortuna Police Department embraces evidenced-based blueprints for building and maintaining the highest level of trust between the department and the community. To this end, the Fortuna Police Department remains invested in Principled Policing Strategies. The department is committed to ensuring effective, high quality training to all personnel and is staffed with in-service instructors who have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort obtaining teaching certifications and instructor credentials from organizations such as:

  • The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training
  • The Museum of Tolerance

Fortuna Police Department instructors provide ongoing training to staff members in many subject areas including:

Procedural Justice
Key Components:

  • Respect
  • Listening/Voice
  • Neutrality
  • Trustworthiness

Defining Implicit Bias
Thoughts and feelings about social groups that can influence people’s perceptions, decisions, and actions without awareness.

Defining Racial Profiling
Mandated Training: California Penal Code Section 13519.4.

History of Civil Rights
A movement and struggle for social justice to gain equal rights under the law.

Community Considerations
Principled Policing.

The Fortuna Police Department believes this ongoing training curriculum to play a vital role in improving police-community relations. In particular, we believe that our training platform helps to provide a tangible approach toward the continued effort of decreasing tension and significantly contributes to the increase in trust between the police and the community we serve.