Citizens On Patrol

The Fortuna Police Department Citizen's On Patrol program is comprised of adult citizens (over the age of 18) who are familiar with the City of Fortuna. These trained volunteers are utilized to enhance vital crime prevention services and community awareness. COP patrol units conduct high visibility patrols, perform extra patrol/vacation house checks, assist the Crime Prevention Unit, conduct business and home security surveys, provide traffic control for special events and accidents, help transport station vehicles for service or repair, and conduct other Crime Prevention related duties.

COP members are not allowed to take law enforcement action, carry any weapons or make arrests. Any suspicious activity or possible criminal activity is immediately reported to the on-duty law enforcement officers.

The COP program is a Crime Prevention program exercising proactive law enforcement principles. All volunteer members have an interest in helping the Fortuna Police Department and their community. All members must attend the COP training and monthly meetings.

citizens on patrolAll members are provided with training in the following areas:

•   Crime Prevention
•   Introduction to Law
•   Radio and Communications
•   Traffic Control
•   Policies and Procedures
•   First Aid / CPR
•   Field Operations
•   Driver Awareness

Adult citizens of the Fortuna area who wish to become a member of the COP program must submit an application to the Chief of Police. The chief reviews the application and then determines if the individual meets the requirements for membership. A background investigation is conducted prior to appointment as a COP member.

For more information contact Lt. Matt Eberhardt at 707 725-1441.