Police Chaplains

The Fortuna Police Department Chaplain Program is designed to provide interested clergy from the Fortuna area an opportunity to serve both the department and the citizens of our community.  Volunteers are solicited from the Fortuna area. The chaplain service is non-denominational and is being provided by volunteer clergy without financial compensation.

This non-denominational chaplain service will be provided for the citizens of Fortuna, members of this department and allied agencies who request such services.

The objectives of the Chaplain Program are as follows:

  • To provide an effective service and ministry to the City and the Fortuna Police Department in particular.
  • To serve as a resource for department personnel when dealing with the public in such incidents as accidental deaths, suicides, suicidal subjects, serious accidents, drug and alcohol abuse, and other such situations that may arise.
  • To provide, when necessary, counseling, spiritual guidance, insight and alertness for the department personnel and their families.
  • To be as readily available as possible in the chaplain ministry without endangering their ministry work.
  • To link the police department and civil agencies together for spiritual guidance and a recognition of spiritual values and contributions in civil and domestic life. After family notification, to respond to the hospital when an officer has been seriously injured or killed.
  • Attend and participate, when requested, in the funerals of active or retired members of the department.
  • Be on call and, if at all possible, be on the streets during any major demonstration, or at any public function requiring the presence of a large number of department personnel.
  • Participate in in-service training classes for personnel.
  • Be willing to enter into training courses to enhance their own effectiveness.
  • Attend department graduations, promotion activities, award ceremonies, dinners, social events, etc. and offer invocations and benedictions.
  • Represent the department before official bodies and at public functions upon request of the Chief of Police.
  • Respond to all major disasters.
  • Be involved in public relations efforts.
  • Provide liaison with other religious leaders in the community.
  • When responding to the scene of death or injury, whether departmental person or private citizens, to notify the person's personal clergy person as soon as possible.
  • Be involved in public relations efforts. Provide liaison with other religious leaders in the community.
  • Make referrals in cases where specialized attention is needed, or in those cases beyond the chaplain's ability to assist.
Selection of ChaplainsA member of the clergy that is interested in becoming a Fortuna Police Department Chaplain must submit an application. Upon successful completion of a background process, the Chief of Police may appoint the chaplain to service.
Law Enforcement chaplains, when so approved, are representatives of their denominations but ecumenical in service.
Their acceptability as chaplains in contingent upon their continued good standing within the religious organization they represent. 

ConfidentialityUnless otherwise requested by the chaplain and/or those being assisted, matters of a personal nature will remain private and confidentiality will be respected.

It is not the intent of the Fortuna Police Department's Chaplain program that the chaplains serve as an informant to the Chief of Police while performing counseling services for department members.

All members of the Fortuna Police Department Chaplain program wear a distinct uniform and badge. It is distinct in that the shirt will be equipped with a chaplain's snap collar, and the badge will have a cross as a centerpiece.

For more information about the Fortuna Police Deparment Chaplain Program, Contact Lt. Matt Eberhardt