Traffic Safety

The Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) is comprised of representatives from the Engineering Department, General Services Department, and Police Department. The TSC meets monthly to discuss traffic-related safety issues that have been proposed by the public.

To request committee review, use the Traffic Safety Request Form. 

You can email the completed form to Morgan Crisler or turn it in at City Hall.

In 2021, the City finalized the City of Fortuna Local Road Safety Plan. This plan is a data-driven review of the City’s motorized and non-motorized transportation infrastructure, with the goal of identifying areas with safety issues and recommending standard safety countermeasures or projects that can be deployed in the future to address said issues. The City’s final Local Road Safety Plan can be downloaded at the link below. Similar to other master planning level documents, this plan will be updated every 5-years, and therefore the City always welcomes comments from citizens regarding transportation safety issues to be considered or included in future updates.

Final Local Road Safety Plan