Risk Management

The Risk Management Department Oversees:
Fortuna's Risk Management Department assists in identifying, evaluating and prioritizing the potential for inury or loss and takes steps to eliminate or mitigate those threats by applying resources to minimize the probability. Our goals include protecting the city from risk as well as keeping our employees safe.

In essence SAFETY FIRST!!!

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Risk Management includes  oversight of the following:

Insurance Coverage:
 Minimizing the financial consequences of the City's exposure to risk.

Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury: Effective program to have a reduction of claims, medical fees, settlements, lost work time, and premiums.

Develop and implement safety programs and policies: To comply with OSHA, City, Federal, State regulations, etc. Make recommendations to departments/divisions on procedure changes, rules and regulations to ensure a safe work environment.

Training and Compliance: Comply with Federal and State training requirements in First Aid/CPR, Defensive Driving, Pathogens and various other types of training related to workplace safety.

Conduct accident/incident investigations: Personnel, vehicle and equipment investigations, prepare reports in order to comply with OSHA and all safety regulations.

Drug/Alcohol Program: The City of Fortuna is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace to promote both the quality of its services and the safety of its employees, its customers, and the public.

Risk Management Consists of Three Separate Areas of Insurance Coverage:Workers’ Compensation Insurance – covers medical and rehabilitation costs and lost wages for employees of the City injured at work while performing within the course and scope of their assigned duties.

Liability Insurance – covers third parties who are injured and/or whose property is damaged due to the fault of the City.

City Property Insurance – covers the City’s losses in the event of damages to City property.

ContactSiana Emmons
City Clerk / Administrative Services Manager

Risk Management Department
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