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Current Planning
Subdivisions of Land
Also known as a lot split, this is the process of creating legal parcels that can be developed according to guidelines contained in the City’s Zoning Code.

Minor subdivisions are those resulting in four or fewer parcels. Major subdivisions are those with five or more parcels.

Lot-Line Adjustments
The size and shape of adjacent parcels can be changed by moving the property lines. No new parcels are created; the total amount of land remains the same. In some situations, the size of each parcel will remain the same, but it will be in a different shape. Other times the amount of land contained by each parcel will change.

Use Permits
A use permit (also known as a Conditional Use Permit), may be granted by the Planning Commission giving a property owner the right to undertake certain activities that are not typically allowed on their parcel of land. As indicated by the name, this right can be conferred with a permit that has certain conditions attached to it.

Variance Requests
Physical constraints (e.g. a creek, cliff drop-off, rock outcrop) that are not the result of prior construction may make it impossible to develop the property in conformance to zoning standards (e.g. required setbacks). In these cases, a variance to the standards may be allowed.

Strict conditions (all of which must be met) apply.

Design Review Permits
Commercial projects and multifamily residential units must meet basic design criteria to ensure that the community will remain attractive as well as functional.

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