L and K street concrete


Bob Natt

190 Dinsmore Dr.

Fortuna, CA 95540


April 25, 2022


Dear Residents,

The City of Fortuna has contracted with RAO Construction to remove and replace alley driveway approaches that do not meet current City of Fortuna and ADA standards. The alley’s that are affected are located on L Street and K Street, in between 12th and 15Th Streets. 

Dependent on weather and any other type of delays, the approximate start date is May 2nd. The task may take approximately three weeks to four weeks to complete all locations.  Start time is approximately 7:30 AM and work will end at approximately 5 PM each day. The first location will be on L Street in between 12th and 13th Streets. The contractor will then proceed with work towards 15th Street.  Please keep alley driveways clear while work is performed. Once L Street is near completion, the contractor will then start the work on K Street. The tentative plan for the two locations on K Street is in between 13th and 15th Streets. The improvements will affect entering and exiting the alley access. During the work, the alleys will be closed off to vehicle traffic from one side but opposite side will remain open. The reason for the closure is to allow the concrete to cure for a minimum of 7 days. 

Recology has been notified about this proposed work. City’s recommendation to Recology is to have the refuse truck back down the alleys to retrieve the resident’s totes for disposal.

A map of the site locations is provided.  

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience during this time. If you have any questions, you can call my office at 725-1464.

Thank you,

Bob Natt

General Services Superintendent