Measure E Oversight Committee

The Measure E Oversight Committee will serve as an advisory committee to the City Council on how revenues generated from Measure E will be applied to the City Budget.

The Fortuna City Council will appoint seven people to the “Measure E” Oversight Committee. Four of those members must be qualified electors of the City of Fortuna and three members MAY be chosen from qualified individuals outside of the City who own a business within the City limits of Fortuna.

The Council will make the appointments with staggered terms as follows:

Two members at 2 years, Three members at 3 years, and Two members at 4 years.

Apply for MembershipTo qualify for membership on any Council appointed board, commission or committee, a person must be 18 year of age or older and a registered elector of the City OR be the owner of a business located within the city limits. However, in no event shall less than a majority of any board or commission be made up of qualified registered electors of the city. 

To apply for Measure E Oversight Committee, submit a completed application to the City Clerk’s office at:

City Hall
621 11th St.
Fortuna, CA 95540

If you have any questions, please call the City Clerk’s office at (707) 725-1411.