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With the end of California’s COVID-19 State of Emergency on February 28 and in preparation for the end of the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) for COVID-19 on May 11, the California Health & Human Services Agency (CalHHS), along with its Departments and Offices, is providing Californians with information about various programs and services affected, including flexibilities and other policy changes. 

In California, COVID-19 response efforts remain a public health priority even though the State of Emergency is ending. The state’s SMARTER Plan, which looks at where the state has been and draws on lessons learned from our collective experiences, will ensure a level of operational preparedness to support communities and appropriately respond to future outbreaks.

For more information about the end of California’s State of Emergency, visit the Governor’s website.

To learn more about the end of the federal PHE, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

California state laws add six months to the federal PHE requirements on health plans to continue covering COVID-19 tests, vaccines and treatment from any licensed provider (in- or out-of-network) with no prior authorization or enrollee cost sharing. The federal PHE ends on May 11, 2023, and state laws extend these requirements for six months through November 11, 2023.

After November 11, 2023, enrollees can continue to access COVID-19 tests, vaccines and treatment with no prior authorization or cost sharing when they access these services through their health plan’s network. Health plan enrollees can be charged cost-sharing only if these services are provided out of network after November 11, 2023.

View the DMHC COVID-19 fact sheet for more information and resources for health plan enrollees.

Contact tracing

When California declared a COVID-19 State of Emergency, a robust contact tracing program was launched to help slow the spread of the virus. Contact tracing is a foundational public health activity that will continue statewide. With the end of the COVID-19 State of Emergency, some state support provided to local health departments throughout the pandemic will end.

For more information, visit the Contact Tracing Resources website.


Some pharmacies may also be able to give prescriptions for treatment. For those that are uninsured or can’t get timely treatment, California continues to have a free telehealth treatment provider that can be accessed by calling 833-686-5051 to make a phone or video appointment.

For more information, visit the COVID-19 Treatment and Telehealth website.

workplace reporting

Under current laws and regulations, employers must notify the local health department (LHD)
when they identify three or more cases of COVID-19 among workers at the workplace within a
14-day period.

 A resource guide (PDF) for employers to help understand the steps they can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Covid-19 policy alert emails

CDPH is sending periodic policy alert email to your inbox . Sign up to receive updates, state public health officer orders and public health mandates related to COVID-19.

ab 685 - reporting outbreaks

Assembly Bill 685 requires CDPH to publicly report information on workplace outbreaks by industry. OHB’s data and investigations team leads this reporting effort. View our summary for additional information.

ventilation guidanceCheck out the tip sheet (PDF) on how to improve indoor quality to reduce COVID-19 spread .  And, for more detailed information, check out our Interim guidance for Ventilation, Filtration, and Air Quality in Indoor Environments

masking resources

Get the most out of masking. The CDPH guidance explains types of masks and how to get the most protection from them.
Check out the CDPH COVID-19 masking toolkit for fact sheets, flyers, and social media messages.

Local data information

View the Data Dashboard online at, or go to to download data from a previous time. For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or by contacting or calling 1-707-441-5000.

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