City Public Notices and Press Releases

Public Notices and Press Releases are issued by the City of Fortuna for various reasons. Notices may be issues by the agency or City Council under certain requirements for rulemaking or lawmaking. Public Notices may also be released when there are large City projects that might impact neighborhoods or travel within the city.

Public Notices may also be published to provide notification to any parties or persons potentially affected by government related activites. Typically notices are published in local newspapers and the City's social media sites  as an effective way to ensure the information is widespread for public participation. The purpose of these notices are to allow members of the public to make their own opinions known prior to rules or laws being made.

Press Releases are sent out by the City to all local media outlets as an official statement providing informatin on particular City matters or business. Currently you can access the following notices and releases from the City of Fortuna:

Public Hearings (General Citywide Public Hearings)Public Notice Image
Public Works Notices
Press Releases (General Citywide Releases)
Community Development Notices
Police Public Notices

The City strives to keep our citizens informed and to create effective and helpful tools to access information about Citywide events, projects, meetings, public hearings and pertinent updates. 

If you are looking for specific information on an item that you are not able to access via these links or website, please contact Siana Emmons at (707) 725-1409 or