How to Reserve

How To reserve the River Lodge and/or the monday club

  1. Call the River Lodge office (707-725-7572) to check availability of the River Lodge and/or the Monday Club.
  2. Secure date by turning in application for the staff-approved date and paying your deposit. 
  3. Sign rental agreement/contract, including application confirmation, which River Lodge staff will provide.
  4. Submit proof of event insurance at least 1 month prior to your event - with "City of Fortuna" listed as an additional insured party. See all insurance requirements here
  5. Meet with staff to plan your event's set-up and review kitchen policies (if applicable).
  6. Confirm arrival/departure times and guest count with staff.

Other Helpful Hints

  1. Ensure caterer is familiar with current kitchen-use policy.
  2. Confirm arrival times of all vendors and inform River Lodge staff.

Applications (call to confirm availability prior to applying)