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Voter Registration Cards are available at the Fortuna City Hall, the Humboldt County Elections Office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the U.S. Postal Service, or online at the Secretary of State's website.

Elections 2020

The City of Fortuna is a charter city, and unless otherwise provided by ordinance, all elections shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Elections Code of the State of California. 

It’s easy to get started running for office. You must be a registered voter living within the corporate limits of the City of Fortuna to be eligible for office. You may not hold elected office if you have been convicted of designated crimes specified in the Constitution and laws of the State. You may not make any reference to party affiliation on required forms, since the City Council is a nonpartisan body.

During a specific period known as the “Nomination Period,” you can obtain your candidate packet and official nomination papers from the Fortuna City Clerk; you need a minimum of 20, maximum of 30 registered voters from your city to sign your papers; you complete the papers; and you turn them into the Fortuna City Clerk.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the processes for obtaining or picking up candidate paperwork have changed as outlined by County Clerk/Registrar of Voters (CC/ROV) Memorandum #20085 issued on May 5, 2020. 

You must call 725-1411 to schedule an appointment to pick up candidate paperwork in person and an additional appointment to file. Please allow 30 minutes when picking up your papers, and 45 minutes when filing them. 

Before starting your campaign, you will need to become familiar with a number of other requirements. This is not an all-inclusive list, so please be sure to check with the Fortuna City Clerk on other requirements.

Fair Political Practices Comission RULES AND REQUIREMENTS

You and your campaign Treasurer will need to become conversant with the rules of the Political Reform Act, which is the State law that regulates contributions and expenditures for elective offices in California. The Fair Political Practices Commission (the FPPC) has regulatory responsibility and authority for the Act. The day-to-day implementation of the Act for City offices is the responsibility of the Fortuna City Clerk.

FPPC manuals and forms are available from the FPPC website or from the Fortuna City Clerk’s office. 

If you plan on receiving or spending more than $2,000 on your campaign, here are some things you will need to do:

  • Obtain a copy of Campaign Manual 2 from the FPPC website or from the City Clerk; read it and give a copy to your Treasurer.
  • Before you collect or spend any funds in connection with your campaign, file a Form 501, Candidate Intention Statement.
  • Open a bank account for your committee.
  • Within 10 days of receiving $2,000 in contributions, file a Form 410, Statement of Organization.
  • Become familiar with campaign report filing requirements and deadlines.
  • Attend an FPPC seminar (information available on the FPPC website or call the FPPC at 916-322-5660).


Nomination Papers
Every election starts with a “Nominating period.” This is the period of time that begins 113 days before the day of the election and ends 88 days before the day of the election. This is the only period of time during which you can obtain “nomination papers,” which are the forms you need to submit in order to run for office.  Contact your City Clerk at 725-1411 or by email at for an appointment.

Obtain Signatures
Obtain the signatures of a minimum of 20, maximum of 30 registered voters residing within the City limits of Fortuna on your nomination papers.

Ballot Designation
This is the word or group of not more than three words which will appear on the ballot under your name. It designates your principal profession, vocation, or occupation, subject to certain requirements of the Elections Code. The City of Fortuna has adopted the Secretary of State guidelines for Ballot Designations.

Candidate’s Statement
Start thinking about what you want your candidate’s statement to say. Your statement is limited to 200 words, as defined by the Elections Code, and should be a brief statement of your education and qualifications.

Campaign Signs
Campaign sign regulations vary greatly from city to city. Check with your City Clerk regarding your City’s political sign ordinance and requirements and review updated requirements outlined by the Section 17.05.180 "Signs" of the Fortuna Muncipal Code.

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Siana Emmons, City Clerk 
Buffy Gray, Deputy City Clerk
City of Fortuna