Local Road Safety Plan

Do you care about local road safety in Fortuna? The City has been working for the past year on developing a Local Road Safety Plan, a planning document with the goal of reducing roadway safety hazards through a systematic hazard identification process. The plan has been developed through a comprehensive system of collision data analysis, public and stakeholder outreach and engagement, and City staff direction. More information regarding Local Road Safety Plans can be found at https://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/provencountermeasures/local_road/.

The City now has a draft Plan ready for review and comment. Please follow the link below to download the plan. There is a box near the bottom of the page where you can provide feedback on the draft plan by end of the day on September 24th.

Social Pinpoint | City of Fortuna LRSP Draft (mysocialpinpoint.com)

Thank you for your interest as we work together to improve our local roadways!